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Perfectly Dazzling Gifts for the Trisha Paytas Fan!

trish paytas sunglasses

Pink “Gucci” Sunglasses

To block out the haters and match your pink G Wagon. These Pink “Gucci” Sunglasses were the first thing that came to mind when thinking about something iconic Trisha wears. She’s known for her giant sunglasses and any fan of hers would love to put these on and channel their inner Trish. Hers are obviously official Gucci glasses, but we know she wouldn’t judge (she’s also a Walmart queen). The description of this item says they’re suitable for all occasions and honestly we couldn’t agree more! They come gift-ready too so what’s stopping you from getting these for one of Trisha’s fishies?

trish paytas dog

Pomeranian Plush

Even though Mukbang Gucci Paytas isn’t a full breed Pom… Ok so Trisha got scammed (well technically Jason did) and the dog breeder told them Mukbang was a full breed Pomeranian, but he really looks more like a little fox. He’s still perfect to us and this Miyoni Pomeranian Plush definitely makes a perfect gift for an avid watcher of Trisha’s videos! The brand that makes this plushy, Aurora World, is known for their great attention to detail, high quality material, and long lasting enjoyment! You’ll without a doubt be buying an amazing gift that they’ll love!

trish pastas lip balm

7 Eco Lips Chapsticks

Because while Trish was picking up some turkey at Whole Foods, she also bought this 7-Pack of Eco Lips Chapsticks! We’ve personally tested these out and can attest to their being a great product! You can see Trish using them in almost all her vlogs. Only a TRUE fan will know about these and will be over the moon to be able to moisten their lips with the same product as Trish! They’re 100% organic, non-gmo, gluten free, etc. (you couldn’t find a more “Whole Foods” item if you tried). This lip balm will leave them with the softest lips using Mongongo oil, and all the flavors are so yummy! Get the whole set today!

trish paytas starbucks cup

Bedazzled Starbucks Cup

This would make a great gift… and that’s the tea! Give the gift of being a member of the Trisha, Shane, and Ryland squad. Trisha Paytas has so many bedazzled Starbucks cups, and as much as we wish the fan in your life could stop by her house to be personally given one of them by Trish herself, we know they’ll love this plan B just as much! This Bedazzled Starbucks Mug is 12 oz and whether it becomes their staple water cup or a vehicle for their Mango La Croix, we know they won’t be able to help feeling like Trisha Paytas while sipping out of this iridescent Starbucks cup! Wow, this with the pink “Gucci” glasses? What a vibe.

trish paytas nail polish

Neon Nail Polish

She usually gets her nails done professionally, but we’re money saving queens. It’s no secret that Trisha likes to stand out in a crowd. You can also find her rocking a bright blue or yellow nail polish from time to time (when her nails aren’t covered in jewels of course). Some so-called “neon” polish will go on looking nothing like it does in the bottle, but this definitely looks just as vivid! With this whole set the Trisha fan in your life will be able to keep up with her ever-changing style and constant trend-indulging while saving that coin. This set of 12 Neon Nail Polishes are chip resistant colors and the formula is “quick dry.” Another great gift for the Trisha Paytas fan!

trish paytas drink

Mango La Croix

If you open up your fridge and there isn’t bagged water and Mango La Croix are you even a Trisha fan? Trisha Paytas stands by this being the best flavor of La Croix out there. She always has her cabinet and fridge stocked with it and now the fan in your life can too! Sometimes the simple things in life are the best and there’s no doubt this will put a smile on their face when they open this up knowing it’s because of Trisha Paytas. La Croix is calorie, sweetener, sodium, and sugar free! It’s also gluten-free, vegan and kosher (even though Trisha is not even close to any of those things). You’ll totally win the gift competition when you give these items to the Trisha Paytas fan in your life. Until next time!

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