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Give the Gift of Sleep. The Smart Nora Anti-snoring Device (User Review)

Best Stop Snoring Gift 2020

“It’s Worth It.”

My wife says I snore. And I do. She nudges me when it gets too loud. Or, I simply wake myself up.

Recently, it had gotten so bad she resorted to propping a pillow between us for extra sound deadening – we jokingly call the barrier, The Snore Shield™.

In the past, I didn’t snore very often, but recently it’s gotten worse. Lately, I’ve even spent a few nights in another bedroom to give my wife a better night’s sleep.

That’s when I started researching devices to stop snoring. The chin strap (didn’t work), the plastic mouth pieces (not for me), even sleeping on my side made it worse. After lots of research and tries, nothing worked.

Then I came across Smart Nora. I watched all the videos and took the plunge. With a 30-day money back guarantee, I felt it was worth a shot.

To monitor my progress, I downloaded SleepLab – a free app that works very well. Before my Smart Nora arrived in the mail my Snore Score was 24. The tall spikes you see below are “EPIC” loud snoring instances. Those are the ones that woke me up.

Before and After

Smart Nora review 2020

Before Smart Nora

Smart Nora review 2020

Using Smart Nora

After using Smart Nora, my Snore Score dropped 19 points.

Down from 24 to 5. Wow!

My wife doesn’t wake up anymore, or rarely. Zero “EPIC” snores. Plus, I feel better in the morning – not nearly as tired. This is important because a better night’s sleep is good for your health. Check out this amazing Ted Talk  Sleep is Your Superpower and you’ll be on a mission to get better sleep.

Warning: It did take a few nights for me to get used to Smart Nora. In fact, on the third day I was ready to return it. I was tired and cranky because I kept getting woken up by the soft pump sound in my ear. I solved this by using a thicker pillow instead of my usual thin one – the sound is still there, but I don’t wake up. Also, I have had to get used to keeping my head on the pillow, which has taken me about a week of practice.

End Result: After two weeks of Smart Nora, I really like it. I feel more rested in the morning. I also like that I don’t wake up my wife at all. She loves Smart Nora and when I asked she said, “It’s worth it.” I’d rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

At roughly $300 it’s not an inexpensive gift, but for us it’s well worth it.

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