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Gifts To Help Make Your Terrible Roommate Move Out

move out candle

Body Odor Scented Candle

The Stinky Candle Company has outdone itself with this one! Get The Body Odor Scented Candle for someone who wants to drive their terrible roommate out for good. Light this baby up on the living room table and watch them scatter! No one wants to communicate their problems with their awful roomie; buying a nasty smelling candle seems much easier (and way more entertaining). The smell will make you say “Dang!”, so will your roommate.

best drum set

Electronic Drum Kit

Get your anger out by hitting something else! Okay, so it may not be loud enough to drive their roommates crazy, but this gift will let your poor friend get their anger out in a constructive way. This drum kit comes equipped with everything they’ll need to be the next …*googles “famous guitar player”*… John Bonham. It even comes with 60 built-in play along tracks! With over 80 great reviews this drum kit will be a hit!

best fleece sleeve

Wearable Blanket

A good way to say “this is my living room and I’m not leaving.” If you know someone who lives in a small apartment with roommates they hate, the Pavilia Premium Fleece Blanket a great gift so they can be comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. They can cozy up and watch a movie, read a good book, or simply pretend their terrible roommate doesn’t exist. Ahh, bliss. What’s stopping you from giving the gift of utter relaxation? (Utter relaxation also comes in 10+ other colors)

best large bluetooth speaker

Toshiba TY-ASC400 Bluetooth Speaker

Use indoors for best anti-roommate results. Everyone loves music, but not everyone loves loud, high power music – which makes the Toshiba TY-ASC400 High Power Indoor/Outdoor Stereo Speaker System the perfect gift for someone who’s trying to drive their roommates out for good! All you need is a bluetooth connection and a smart device. If you thought it didn’t get better, you’re wrong. These speakers also come with LED lights that can be set to 5 different colors. Have your own disco party! No terrible roommates allowed. Play Metallica for best results.

best loud alarm clock

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Complimentary vibrating bed shaker included. This gift is ideal for the person in your life who shares a room with someone they don’t like. The Sonic Bomb “Extra Loud” Alarm Clock shakes you awake and flashes with red alert lights. Even if it’s not necessarily effective in getting rid of roommates it definitely works to wake up those heavy sleepers! Purchase this for sleeping teenagers who refuse to get up for school, but feel free to also test it out on other groups of less than likeable people. Does it work? Over 6,000 reviewers say OH YES!

roommate move out

“Go Away” Doormat

Like a welcome mat, but not. Clicking this link will lead you to a few pleasant options for a doormat with messages such as “Welcome” and “Wipe Your Paws,” but nothing lets your terrible roommates know how you feel quite like The “Go Away” Doormat. Not only is it straight to the point, but it’s perfect to wipe away dirt, mud, and snow from your shoes! It’s made of durable husk of coconuts and has a floor grip so it won’t slip and slide. We love its great quality and heavy weight! There’s no denying this gets the job done. Now go away.

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