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7 Best Mesmerizing Gifts For Kids, Teens (or Grown-up Kids)

best sand art

The Rainbow Vision Sand Picture

You are looking at art that will provide endless mesmerizing enjoyment. Even after owning the The Rainbow Vision Sand Art for years, it is still amazing to watch what slowly forms over hours and hours. A gentleman named Klaus Bosch from Austria handmakes these awesome sand art pieces (see his signature in the lower right corner of the stand). Turn the circle to change the scene. Tiny air bubbles are the secret to an ever-changing mountainscape with sand storms, dunes, valleys, sand waterfalls and sometimes trees too. See for yourself, check out a video here. The perfect gift for the office or person who has everything.

best piggy bank

The Vortex Bank II

Go ahead, make a wish! Ever see one of those spiraling contraptions with a ball that takes a really long time to circle into oblivion? The Vortex Bank ll is a miniature spiraling version that uses coins instead. It takes pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Makes a great gift because every person who sees it will be wanting to add a coin to try it out – just tell them to make a wish. Display on your counter and watch it attract interest (as you make a few bucks). The science behind it is gravity and the conservation of angular momentum – like a simulation of a decaying orbit. Holds about $10 worth of change.

best toy gift

3D Pin Impression Toy

Yeah, it’s pink. It’s plastic. And it’s 3-dimensional. Did you know you can do more than imprint your face or hand? You can draw too! The 3D Pin Impression Toy is a gift that relieves stress and is fun for all ages (5 and up). Once you’ve made a design simply keep upright to display for all to see. The upside of this plastic version is that the pins move more smoothly and flow freely, unlike some of the old metal ones that would stick. Kids especially love this gift. Also a fun office or desk toy – people can’t resist playing with it. Assorted colors available (blue, red, green, and purple too). Comes in 6″ x 8″ size or find it in the larger 8″ x 10″ version too.

spinning disc toy game

Euler’s Disc

Woosh, woosh, woosh. Faster, louder, faster. Euler’s Disc is momentum versus gravity in action. You have to see this to understand its almost hypnotic sound and action. The chrome plated holographic disk spins for a long time as the sound gets louder, the rainbow side shimmers for an added color effect. Comes with a somehat heavy disc, a 9″ concave mirror base and nine pieces of magnetized holographic foil – the extra holographic magnetic materials are for experimental purposes – try various materials to see the new effects. Humming, rythmic, mesmerizing, beautiful. Check out the video here.

ironman spinner toy

The Swinging Sticks Sculpture

As seen on Ironman 2. The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture seems to defy gravity as the pieces smoothly rotate and change speeds and direction for no understandable reason. Very cool sophisticated moving sculpture fit for any entry, high-powered corporate exec’s desk or corporate conference room. The effect looks like a never-ending perpetual motion machine (just don’t mention the 4 AA bateries that power it). One special note is that this scuplture is silent, so it is perfect for a quiet environment such as an office, library or perhaps Tony Stark’s lab. High quality construction comes with a 3 year warranty. Batteries not included.

awesome kids toy

HypnoGizmo Fidget Toy

For kids, the unique HypnoGizmo Fidget Toy is an instant hit. And you’ll be a hit too if you give this hypnotic gift. Eyes will cross and smiles of awe will come over faces. The balls rotate on strings in an overlapping ellipsoid pattern as the wheel turns. Give it a twist and it twirls with whirling, clicking fun that keeps you spinning! The balls go back and forth in a strange pattern. Once you pick up the HypnoGizmo, it is hard to put down. Great gift for the girl or boy.

cool gifts for kids

The Helicone – Executive Edition

38 precise lasercut pieces spin on a brass shaft to make this amazing piece of movable art. With a quick twist, The Helicone – Executive Edition magically transforms from a helix to a pine cone and back again in one amazingly elegant motion. Uses mathematical concepts such as the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio to explain its magic. Intuitive, relaxing, fun and addictive! Comes with an anti-counterfeit hologram sticker with a unique serial number. Best for the older child or adult because it is somewhat delicate.

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