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6 Magical, Lucky and Super Cute Gifts for The Unicorn Lover!

Best Unicorn Wine Glasses

“Wishful Drinking” Wine Glasses

Sometimes a girl can’t decide whether she likes dreaming or drinking more… and why does she have to choose? This set of handcrafted Unicorn “Wishful Drinking” Wine Glasses would be an exciting surprise for any occasion. It even includes a bonus high-quality box to make giving these as a gift a breeze! They’re slightly weighted on the bottom to make sure they don’t tip over. You might accidentally need to order another set for yourself, but don’t worry; we won’t tell!

Best Unicorn Book

The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook

Discover where unicorns really live around the world, how to find them, and so much more! The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook is for believers young and old. Inside it holds gorgeous illustrations and well-written pages about where you can find unicorns near you, what they eat, how to take care of them, what powers they possess, how to train them, how to ride them… we could go on! It’s a wonderfully captivating book to remind someone you love that magic is all around us! This is a show-stopping gift for the unicorn lover! You might also like The Official Unicorn Coloring Book.

best unicorn bracelet

The Lucky Charm Unicorn Bracelet

“Wear as a daily reminder that the luck you seek comes from within.” Remind the girl in your life that life is magical! Don’t worry, The Luck Unicorn Charm Bracelet comes in both silver (sterling silver) and gold (14KT gold-plated) because we know she’s either one or the other when it comes to jewelry. The brand Dogeared is a tried and true favorite of ours. Their dainty and beautiful creations, handcrafted in California, always add something special to your day. This piece can be worn with any outfit at any time which makes this a fantastic gift for anyone. Bring her positive spirit with this bracelet!


Unicorn Mug & 3D Lid

The Unicorn Mug & 3D Lid would be a great gift… and that’s the tea! This adorable mug comes with a topper and a spoon! You can already imagine the girl in your life sipping some hot cocoa out of this on a cozy, rainy day – can’t you? It comes in a variety of colors so whether she likes pink, green, blue, or white she’ll love opening this gift. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe (except for the cute little cover!). Another plus is when she’s not using it, it’ll look so cute on the shelf as a reminder that unicorns are real and hot drinks are real…ly good.

best unicorn cookbook

Unicorn Food Cookbook

From cupcakes to grilled cheese to MARGARITAS? We’re in. Ok so we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of someone making a unicorn cupcake or donut, but have you heard of a Unicorn Food Cookbook that not only also has healthy recipes, but some adult beverage recipes as well!? This cookbook is truly for all ages because you’re never too old to believe in unicorns. Inside are 40 fun-filled recipes that are sure to make anyone smile. The author of the book is also a food STYLIST (talk about dream job) so you know everything is going to be beautiful. You won’t regret giving this as a gift!

best unicorn gift

Unicorn String Art Kit

Now this is pretty cool! Craftastic if we do say so ourselves. This may look complex, but The Unicorn String Art Kit comes with clear and detailed directions that make this amazing art piece easy to complete. Let’s admit it: the most rewarding part of a craft or DIY project is loving the end result and we don’t think this disappoints. This cute all-in-one kit comes with 2 canvases, 2 patterns (don’t worry, they’ll be able to design their own as well if the unicorn lover in your life is also an overachiever) and everything else they’ll need to complete this creation! Although it says ages 10+, we’ve heard from the grapevine that this has been a great gift for ages as young as 7! No one can say no to a lil crafting!

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