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Gifts for the Wanna-Be YouTuber – approved by a YouTuber

best ring light kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit

Nothing says professional YouTuber quite like good lighting. This can turn any room in the house into a makeshift studio! The Neewer Ring Light Kit will not only inspire the wanna-be YouTuber in your life to start their journey to fame, but will also shine a light on their talent for the world to see. It comes with two filters, a tripod (that you can also use for your camera!), a remote control, and a nice compact case to carry everything professionally. We’ve personally tested this best seller out for you and it’s definitely worth the buy and will no doubt be a great hit! Show that you’re as excited about your loved one’s dreams as much as they are with this perfect first piece to their passion puzzle. If you like it put a ring on it.

best youtube camera

The Canon PowerShot G7 X

Anyone who’s anyone has The Canon G7X Powershot camera! If someone you know wants to be a YouTuber it’s almost certain they’ll know about this camera. With its compact size, high quality, and of course flippable viewfinder, this makes the perfect vlogging camera. It shoots in full HD video and is even WiFi enabled so it’s convenient to share straight to social media (but let’s be honest, they’ll probably need to FaceTune some stuff first). The Canon has a 20.2 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor which achieves a beautiful balance between high sensitivity and high image quality. This camera offers a great value to both the photographer and the YouTuber. Highly recommended.

best backdrop kit

Julius Studio Backdrop Stand

Once they have their lighting and high quality camera, there’s still one more thing that wanna-be YouTuber needs to look and feel professional: a background, held up with good backdrop stand, like the Julius Studio Backdrop Stand. Some YouTubers have their signature backdrop (i.e. James Charles always has pure white as he finds it the best to showcase his bright colored makeup tutorials) so help your friend find theirs with this gift! They can have a green screen, colored paper, or a full print out of an island scene if they really want to get fancy. Most of the time people starting out on YouTube just have their studio apartment or family home to work out of and this allows them to create their own pop up studio anytime, anywhere! Backdrop it like it’s hot!

best youtube gift

Neewer Muslin Backdrop

It’s like taking school pictures, but you’ll actually be happy with the outcome! You could hang up anything in the background, but why would you hang up anything if you could hang up EVERYTHING. A green screen will almost always come in handy. For a YouTuber, it means a way to utilize creative and interesting editing. This gift will be a great way for the wanna-be YouTuber to truly customize their channel and create their personal brand. This 100% pure cotton muslin background comes in a variety of colors and conveniently comes with a rod pocket on the top edge to allow it to be draped or hung (by the new backdrop stand you just gifted maybe?)

best youtube hard drive

LaCie Portable Hard Drive

A little boring maybe, but completely necessary…like school or a job. Ok so here’s another item that anyone who’s anyone owns. Even if they insist they have enough space on their computer to edit, export, and share all their new and amazing YouTube videos…get them this. You can never have too much space and we’re 100% sure it will be used whether they plan on it or not. The Lacie Portable Hard Drive is one of the best! It can be dropped from up to 5 feet and it’s water resistant (please don’t advise your friend to edit in the bathtub). This specific hard drive holds up to 2 terabytes of space, but this brand also makes both smaller and larger sizes!

best youtube san disk

SanDisk SD Card

I have no memory of any YouTuber who doesn’t use one. This is a 100% foolproof gift for anyone looking to become a YouTuber (or anyone who uses a camera at all for that matter). As we’ve said before, you can NEVER have too much storage space. With this gift the wanna-be YouTuber in your life will be able to record everything they want without worrying about deleting footage or running out of space. They’ll be able to record hour long videos without stopping or film a bunch of videos at once to get ahead of their posting schedule. The Sandisk SD Card may seem small, but it’s mighty!

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