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12 Awesome Gifts for the Twenty-Something Homebody (Under $30)

best lip mask

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Because regular lip balm is basic. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask gift is for someone who treats every day like a spa day (because she knows the value of relaxation and treating herself). We had to start off with this lip mask because we’ve tried it and we LOVE it. Not only is it super luxurious on the outside, but it also actually works to keep lips smooth and radiant. Some chapsticks definitely end up drying lips out more than they moisturize them, but take it from us: this stuff is worth it. This addition to her collection won’t go unused!

best cozy slippers

CIOR Memory Foam Slippers

Little clouds for your feet! Everyone will want to put on a pair of CIOR Memory Foam Slippers after a long day! You’ll have no complaints coming your way after giving these to the girl in your life, but be warned, you may never NOT see her wearing them ever again. They have a comfortable fleece/plush lining and they offer lasting marshmallow-like comfort and warmth! Unfortunately she won’t be able to have her Risky Business moment as these have an anti-skid bottom, but that also means she won’t slip by accident either. You decide which is higher on her priority list.

best new nail polish

KBShimmer Nail Polish

This is everything you’d expect and more. Personally tested out by us and 100% in love with this color (and brand!). You know when you order something online and you think it’ll be the best gift ever and then it comes and it’s just not quite as awesome as you were hoping? This is definitely NOT the case. The pictures are accurate and this KBShimmer Nail Polish is mesmerizing. We promise whoever gets this gift will love it and so will literally all of her friends!

best barbie mug

Barbie Mug

C’mon Barbie, let’s get coffee! When it’s finally time to venture out of bed in the morning for coffee, tea, or our personal favorite: hot chocolate, the homebody in your life doesn’t want to sip out of just any mug! The Barbie Mug subtly barbie-themed mug is so cute and classy. It’s actually officially licensed Barbie merch so she won’t have to worry about feeling like a fraud. With its large, 20 oz. size there’s plenty of room to put in lots of whatever hot beverage she likes. This is super important for the homebody because she probably wants to go back into bed and not have to make another trip to fill up her mug AGAIN. This is a great (also non-microwavable) gift for anyone who wants to feel luxurious and relaxed!

best glass kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

Why don’t more people have these?! We’ve found love in a boil-less place with The Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle. It’s seriously so easy to use; it can be used to boil water for tea, hot cocoa, or even ramen noodles (don’t even pretend like you don’t love them too). It’s faster at boiling water than a microwave, which is already a lazy person’s dream, and safer than a stovetop kettle. It automatically shuts off when the water comes to a boil and the kettle lifts right off the base for easy serving! We’ve used this ourselves and can’t get enough. We know the person in your life may love this almost as much as they love being cozy inside the comfort of their own home.

best soy candle set

Scented Soy Candle Set

Shine bright like a candle. Literally anyone would love this gorgeous set of 4 soy wax candles. For someone who already loves the comfort of their own home, this set will allow them to make their space smell like lavender, rose, tea tree, or peppermint (or we guess all four at the same time if they’re into that). These candles are 100% soy wax, 100% eco friendly, and 100% aesthetically pleasing! Fun fact: each candle has 20 hours of burning time and the cotton wick won’t produce any black smoke when lit which is amazing. PLUS the beautiful tin plates the candles come in can be reused for any bits and bobs! You can never, ever, go wrong with giving someone a candle.

best cozy blanket

Chanasya Fluffy Blanket

EVERYBODY LOVES BLANKETS! You knew it was coming. A twenty-something homebody NEEDS a Chanasya Fluffy Blanket. Whether they need it to cuddle up to binge watch This Is Us, wear around the house as their #ootd, drape over their couch as a super cute decoration…we could go on…there will be no complaints if you give this as a gift. It comes in 20+ colors to suit anyone’s taste. We also love that it’s faux fur; no animals were harmed in the making of this blanket! You can never have too many blankets (seriously, people have baskets in their living room designated for all their extras). A blanket as a gift may seem simple, but sometimes the simple things in life are the ones most cherished!

best doggy cards

Ridley’s Dog Lovers Deck

Because people always assume introverts prefer cats. But don’t worry, these cards do come in a “cat lover” set as well! We think Ridley’s Dog Lovers Deck is a perfect addition to a game drawer/cabinet/closet/room/house (we don’t know…maybe she has a lot of games?). Each card features a beautiful hand-illustrated image of a different breed of dog. It comes with 54 cards, no duh, and comes in a durable tin that also makes for a great decor piece! If the twenty-something homebody in your life doesn’t already know how to play solitaire then you better teach her because we have a feeling she’d love it. A game where you don’t have to worry about anyone else? Yes please!

best sewing gift

Klutz Sew Mini Animals Toy

We FELT we needed to share this with you. What’s better than an adorable little toy animal? An adorable little toy animal that you made yourself! We’ve personally tested this product and we only recommend the best of the best here. Choose from tons of different animals and accessories (we made a purple octopus wearing a top hat…) to sew together for possibly one of the most rewarding outcomes ever. No prior sewing knowledge is needed, but that doesn’t mean it’s just quick and easy. We love how you can have hours of fun with this gift; sewing is also majorly relaxing. If the twenty-something homebody in your life is a fan of puzzles, knitting, drawing, we’re sure she’ll love the Klutz Sew Mini Animals Toy!

best blue blocking glasses for women

DONNA Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Block that blue da ba dee da ba daa. We’re almost 100% positive the stay at home girl in your life will be looking at a screen at least ONCE in her whole day. Maybe she even works from home from her laptop. Either way, these glasses will reduce symptoms of eyestrain from computer bluelight (no more sticky or dry eyes hooray!). Even if she doesn’t need the blue light blocking feature the lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses as well! They’re lightweight and durable and totally cute. We love this modern clear/gold version, but they also come in six other colors for any personality!

best succulent gift

Succulent Set 5 Pack

Sometimes plants are better than people. The twenty-something homebody in your life probably appreciates alone time, but maybe a nice, cute, quiet, plant guest would be appreciated! Succulents are also the most low maintenance plants of them all so it’d take a lot for it to…not make it. Each order comes with 5 hand selected succulents (no one order will be the same!) and they’re already fully rooted in 2 inch pots. And just in case they die within the first month, Plants For Pets will give a full refund. This is such a cool new gift idea you’ll get brownie points for this one for sure!

cute stuffed animal

Lil Benny Phant Plush

You can’t look into those eyes and tell us the Lil Benny Phant Plush isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Girls love a stuffed animal enough already, but when it comes from someone they love?? There’s no comparison. This 10 inch cutie comes in pink, mint, and grey and apparently all of them are named Benny! With their big eyes and floppy ears the girl in your life will surely melt as soon as she opens this gift. And even better, she’ll always think of you when she looks at it. Just buy it already, we know you’re in love with it and want it in every color so they can all be friends.

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