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Only True Shane Dawson Fans Will Love These 6 Gifts!

Shane “Gucci” Slides

These Gucci Slides go well with an oversized, holey, shirt… or a bathrobe of course! Shane Dawson fans knows that he loves to wear his Gucci Slides while making slime, in Mexico on the beach, practicing his makeup or even in Ryland’s DIY panic room. Yes, this opening sentence will make no sense if you don’t follow his life, but we promise the Shane Dawson fan in your life will get super excited to get these as a gift (plus they’re actually so cute!). They’re made with synthetic material and the platform measures at about 0.7 inches. They aren’t actual Gucci slides, but hey, we love a budget queen!

Pig Plush by Aurora

Shane Dawson fans and pig fans truly go hand in hand. Obviously, we couldn’t skip adding something pig-themed to this article since they’re basically his mascot. This Aurora Pig Plush signifies the adoring Shane Dawson fandom and the community he’s built on YouTube. We know whoever gets this will squeal with joy. Not only is it a great gift, but also you know you’re getting a quality stuffed animal from leading plush manufacturer, Aurora! So far we’ve covered Gucci and pigs – Jeffree Star would be proud!

Shane’s Oversized Robe

You’ll never need to worry about getting dressed with one of these Shane-style Oversized Robes! Honestly, have we seen Shane actually get dressed and wear anything besides his robe lately? It’s been like a solid 7 months, but we love him no matter what! You can kick it like Shane does in this premium fleece robe and guess what… it comes with a hood. We can already imagine curling up on the couch wearing this to watch YouTube and never ever getting up again. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with it you can send it back and get a full refund. Really, no down sides that we can find here.

A&W Root Beer Singles

We love these A&W Root Beer Singles, so tasty! Just add to water to make 72 sugar-free caffeine-free drinks. A true Shane Dawson fan knows about his obsession with soda (specifically diet Root Beer and diet Coke) especially during his long editing sessions with Andrew. We’re pretty sure he doesn’t know these exist because if he did, on the off chance he leaves his house, he could take these with him and turn any water into a much more appealing beverage. You get 72 drinks-worth so by Shane’s calculations that should last you about 6 days!

Shane’s Favorite Movie

Because it’s his favorite movie… duh! Alright picture this: you wake up, slide on your slides, slip into your cozy bathrobe (with a hood), grab your plushie pig from your bedroom before you head downstairs to the kitchen to make yourself a root beer, then you mosey into your living room and pop… The Scream Collectors DVD into your DVD player and settle down for a marathon. Are you picturing it? Shane has a Scream pillow, all the Scream movies lined up, plus a framed, signed art piece of the Scream mask hanging in his bathroom! Not only would this please a Shane Dawson fan, but also anyone who’s a fan of classic horror movies!

Shane’s OMG Shirt

An obvious choice to finish off this list. Okay, so we couldn’t NOT include Shane Dawson’s very own merch! When he’s not wearing his robe or his Diet Coke shirt he’s wearing this bad boy and we don’t blame him. With his classic “OHMYGODOHMYGOD” quote and his mascot together any Shane Dawson fan will, without a doubt, love this shirt. You may never see them wear anything else ever again! This isn’t a doup, knock off, or alternative. This lightweight shirt is the real deal sold by Shane Dawson himself so this is for the truest of Shane Dawson fans!

Shane Dawson photo Creative Commons, Gage Skidmore

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